Practice Areas

The exploration and production of oil and gas encompasses several distinct areas of law. Below is a list of practice areas that Mr. Borrego has concentrated on for over thirty five years.

Exploration and Development Agreements

The largest part of Mr. Borrego’s practice consists of drafting and negotiating exploration and development agreements, as used in the onshore domestic oil and gas exploration industry, the offshore industry, and the international oil and gas industry.

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Acquisitions and Divestitures

Many companies build reserves through the process of acquisitions of existing reserves or producing properties. Likewise, companies may, for strategic or other reasons, determine that the continued ownership of properties in an area no longer comports with the company’s business plans.

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Title to Oil and Gas Properties

Fundamentally, none of the agreements used in exploration and production are useful unless the ownership of the underlying oil and gas properties can be established to a reasonable certainty.

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The oil and gas industry requires large amounts of capital, and the industry has historically relied upon investors and financial institutions to supply that capital.

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International Activities

While it is true that the international industry has its roots in the domestic industry there are some agreements and documents which bear only a passing resemblance to their domestic antecedents, and, as time has gone by and national oil companies or oil ministries have become increasingly sophisticated those agreements have become increasingly complex.

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Alternative Energy Projects

While fossil fuels have been the focus of Mr. Borrego’s practice, he has also been involved in a number of alternative energy projects.

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Many transactions, before the parties are in a position to negotiate definitive terms, require that one or more parties be willing to disclose sensitive data.

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Other Legal Professionals

The legal profession, like many others, has become increasingly specialized, and no single lawyer can offer expertise in all the legal issues which must be faced by a client.

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